Amatory – Ответ знает… (Текст и слова песни)

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We are destroyers.

And if indeed progresses is won by destruction.

That progress may be fall us we hate that the consequence.

It is not a world of sweetness and light.

It is a world of light and dark.

It is a world of opposing polarities and opposing tendency.

Look too deeply and you will find things you should not to know.

Creation is enanemantly part of a essentially destructive act.

Every creative act has to destroy.

Of course it has to destroy.

You can only bring about the doom through the death of what….

We are destroyers

This society of essentially servile mechanically living people

Who’s lives are empty pointless sense of distraction and darkness.

A side of the brief world to often overlooked.

Well, the prime impulse itself is the impulse to destruction.



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