Влад Топалов — Satisfied (Текст и слова песни)

She walks with a stride

She got a style

Shorty cant look any better

ANywhere that she goes

She steals the show

I wanna make her mine forever

And i wonder if she knows

When she talks to me

How much i’m in love with her uh oh

Its written in my eyes, youd know it when i speak

So i hope she’s listenin to me uh oh

SHe gotta roll with me

She gotta be all mine

Till that day I

Cant be satisfied


Girl i cant be satisfied


She gets what she wants

From anyone

Them boys are runnin round in circles

But somehow i know

If we were alone

Shed see how it feels so perfect


I wanna take her out tonight

And show her a good time

Cuz she aint never met a man like me

When i get the chance i know she will see

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