Александр Рыбак — Why Not Me (Текст и слова песни)

You’re standing right in front of me
With yet a purpose I can’t see
I wish I knew what’s on your mind
But that’s a key I’ll never find

I want to know what I did wrong
I really waited for so long
To be alone with you again
I bet your game will never end

And everybody knows your name
You’re driving everyone insane
I saw you flirting with that guy
It made me jealous, don’t know why

I know I’m not the only one
But when it all was said and done
You wonder who your date will be
I wonder Kathrine, why not me?

Tonight is dark and you are gone
Again I’m wandering on my lawn
I guess I’ll never know the truth
About the secrets from your youth

And if you played me all those times
How come I thought that you’d be mine?
But when I realize your world
You’re just a happy little girl


Kathrine, why not me? (Kathrine, why not me?)
Kathrine, why not me? (Kathrine, why not me?)

You know I’m glad that you’re my friend
I hope this story never ends
But there are times I nearly cry
You make me weak, I don’t know why

I know I’m not the only one
But if you’d like to have some fun
Wherever you might want to be
Just say Kathrine, why not me?


So Kathrine, why not me?

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