Paces, Youth — On My Mind (Текст и слова песни)

I don’t mean to be lazy

But I’m not one to try

I’ve accepted the fact

There is no need to lie

Every day I see these people

They’re in my mind

And I don’t even know

If I’m gonna be fine

I’m runnin’ around like I’m goin’ in circles

I see what’s coming and I dodge it like (boom)

She walked up to me said «I’ll light up your darkroom»

And I came right back like (which one)

Come at me, I’ll knock you out like Saitama

You better cut it out there is no room for no drama

So don’t tell me just what to do when I walk around like «Who’s who»

I’ll go back to my room and hit that snooze

I’ll go back to my dreams where things come true

Just in my mind and that’s fine

So I see what’s beginning and I leave it behind

People walkin’ around like using Shadowclonejitzu

I tell people my rap name and they’re like «Who?»

Every day is the same, I swear this is a game

Girls call me over I’m like «Do I even know you?»


My boi Josh A Jake Hill pulled me out of my low

Now I’m back and I’m rappin’ they’re making me glow

My boi out here Jake Hill remind me that one thing

«I don’t wanna live forever I just wanna die a king»

All the way from «My Day Ones» to «Die by the Sword»

I’m listenin’ to them all the way in my Ford

My boi out here Josh A all the way from your «No Chill»

You be rappin’ and writin’ and makin’ them bills

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